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Seal of Approval Checklist

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The Checklist

There are three parts to the Seal, Bronze, Silver and Gold. First, find a level you can achieve and submit your application after reviewing the criteria below.

We will contact all businesses that complete the application within five working days. Everyone successful will receive a digital version of the Seal of Approval stamp and certificate, which can be used across your digital and print to showcase your work to your customers. You will also be sent a window vinyl that you can display on your premises

Find out more about the checklist below.


Work your way to Bronze, Silver or Gold and get recognition for the work you do


We are committed to positive changes:  Choose three from the list below.

Make eco-friendly changes

* Switch to eco-friendly products that don’t pass harmful chemicals into the water supply

* Add a microfibre catcher to washing machines to prevent fibres from being released into the sea that can end up in the food chain.

* Reduce and recycle single-use plastics.

* Provide marked recycling bins that are easily accessible to customers.

* Make simple switches; try using plastic-free teabags like Yorkshire Tea.

* Find new ways to package food and goods like paper bags and trays before Oct 2023.

* Join the Refill app and offer free tap water for use in reusable bottles

Create new wildlife habitats.

* Add bee-friendly plants and flowers into your gardens or hanging baskets to create pollen highways across the Yorkshire Coast.

* Install bird boxes, or make your own to encourage wildlife in your gardens.

* Switch to a natural pesticide to maintain your grounds to help project vital pollinators.

Sign-up to support marine and wildlife organisations

* Join the £1 Whitby Lobster Hatchery pledge and donate the funds to help restock the local lobster supply.

* If you operate in a National Park area, why not become one of their champions to promote sustainable tourism

* Check out the resources that Living Seas Centre has created; these are downloadable and could be a great additional tool for cafes and restaurants that provide kids drawing pads.

* Join in with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts’ pledge to keep our seas and waterways clear

• Share guidance with customers about Seal Safety, produced by the Yorkshire Marine Nature Partnership


We are committed to championing our and others' work: Choose a further three from the list below.

Social influence


* Share changes you are making in your business to protect the Yorkshire Coast

* Promote local initiatives in your areas like beach cleans, recycling events and instore repair cafes

* Share how the Refill scheme helps you and your customers reduce plastic waste

* Promote discounts on hot drinks for those who bring in a recyclable cup

* Promote info on how to enjoy and protect wild and marine life people may come across




* Have signage in toilets on what can be flushed away (3P’s)

* Display information posters to educate your staff and the public on the impact of plastics

Waste and plastics


* Don’t offer single-use plastics to customers unless they ask

* Ensure you and your team are not disposing of any oil, grease or fat down sinks and toilets and understand how to dispose of safely


Create workplace champions


* Appoint a team member to share the latest information that you are communicating to customers

* Let the entire team contribute to new ways to reduce waste and promote your ideas in regular meetings


We are committed to championing our and others' work: Choose a further two from the list below.

Energy Saving

• Investigate the cost of switching to alternative fuel sources

• Investigate the cost of adding an electric car charging point if applicable

• Investigate the use of energy-saving lighting systems such as motion sensors

• Upgrade to LED light bulbs across the business

Reduce Waste and Plastics

• Switch to refills for supplies such as hand soap and ink cartridges

• Only offer paper bags or non-plastic reusable bags for customer products

• Reduce your food waste by providing donations to community groups or Too Good to Go

Sustainable Sourcing

• Use/stock sustainably caught local fish/shellfish

• Use/stock locally and seasonally reared meat

• Use/stock locally produced products, like local honey and cheeses

Promote Action

• Look after a 2-minute beach clean station to help people have access to equipment to do beach cleans

• Host a new litter pick/beach clean in your area


Please complete your details below to apply for the Seal of Approval.