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The Yorkshire Coast's seas are a natural breeding ground for lobsters and have been a great source of produce for the fishing industry with areas like Bridlington being widely known as the Lobster Captial of Europe based on the amount that is caught every year.

This species, because however, is affected like all marine creatures, and work needs to be done to understand and protect it's environment.

A local organisation, the Whitby Lobster Hatchery, is doing just that and also taking it a step further by working to release 100,000 juvenile lobsters into the sea; maintaining ecological balance and protecting the region’s lobster industry for generations to come. Wild caught egg-bearing lobsters will be brought into the hatchery and they will protect the juveniles over their most vulnerable period of their life cycle before releasing back into the wild.

  • Only eat responsibly sourced lobster.
  • Sponsor the work undertaken by organisations like Whitby Lobster Hatchery - https://www.whitbylobsterhatchery.co.uk.
  • Support and share information about businesses that use responsibly sourced lobsters.