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Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly

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Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly

Often confused for a dragonfly, these giants of the damselfly world are hard to miss with their metallic blue and green colours.

  • The are many different varieties that commonly get mistaken for dragonflys, but with a keen eye you can spot the difference by the shape of their wings.
  • In the UK there are around 21 different types of damselfies and they are fantastic to watch them fluttering past, when relaxing near lakes, open water sources.

    • Males wait on riverbanks waiting for females and use their fluttering flight as a courtship display.
    • You can see a larger than life sculpture of the female Beautiful Demoiselle at the North Yorkshire Waterpark.
    • Damselflies wings are both the same size and shape, which taper where they attach to the body. Dragonflies, have different shaped fore and hind wings.
  • Emma Stothard: Wykeham Damselfly, part of the Coastal Sculpture Collection