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An estimated 26 million tons of plastic pollution in the oceans yearly. The danger of waste entering our seas and waterways is that it can, entangle, and poisons marine life, killing millions of marine creatures and harm the longevity of the different species. Plastic bags, disposable cutlery,, drink bottles, and even batteries have been recovered, amonst many other items. The work undertaken by volunteer groups to clear our beaches, parks and forests is helping to tackle the problem before it gets washed away, but lets not rely on these volunteer groups and help share and educate that the Yorkshire Coast is not to be used as a dumping ground, and encourage people to dispose of waste responsibly.

  • Share information with guests and customers about why it is important to dispose of waste responsibly.
  • Join an organised beach, park or forest clean in your area.
  • Signpost bins where people can dispose of waste, or if you are in an area with no bins that is frequently littered let us know. Signs or additional bins could be looked at in conjunction with the relevant local authority.
  • Why not start your clean group? Need ideas on how to set up and get active? Get in touch.


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  • Beach Clean

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